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Eccentric characters, disguised as normal, within everyday scenes, is the predilection of this painter. Expressive faces and a certain sarcasm also hide love, yes, you read that right.


Lupo began to take painting seriously in 2014, painting countless works on paper, finding his way of expression in the figurative and using oil mainly for this, although he has many works in gouache and acrylic. Which is the message? of course, to portray the complex psychology of modern life but in traditional settings, sometimes very far from the idea that we can have today of modernity. Perhaps the intention is that these works last over time.


Lupo is sometimes very surreal but he often uses earthy colors and tones, old, because one of his influences is also the baroque era like so many others. He began clearly influenced by German expressionism, but now he likes Goya a lot, so he offers us all this set of feelings without choking and as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Lupo, who only signs with the word 'Sol', does not lavish much on exhibitions or shows beyond the Internet, although he is still open to other stimuli. He thinks that he still has a lot to tell and to shout, sometimes with anger, others with love, but never with indifference.

Fotografía en blanco y negro de Lupo Sol de perfil

The great artist Ron Throop recently wrote about him in his brilliant stuckist magazine. Read his article.

And don't miss their fantastic song!

- First Annual Postcard Show 2023. December 2023 -
- International Stuckism at Watkins Glen. Quintus Gallery, Watkins Glen (NY). November 2017
- 50º National painting contest Vila de Sant Joan d'Alacant. Alicante, October 2017
- The Stuckist at Cass Art Islington. London, April 2017
- The Stuckist Art Show. View Two Gallery, Liverpool. July-August 2016
- Esquelas Sonoras book, The Exhibition. Centro de Cultura de Gijón, July 2016
- Euro Ye Yé Festival 2015. Centro de Cultura de Gijón. July 2015



- La Peluquería. Alicante. October 2018
- Yellow Life Scenes. Broad Street Gallery, Hamilton (NY). December 2017
- The crap & the glory. 8 y Medio centro cultural, Alicante. 2016


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