Memory, memories that are already smoke, that remain on canvas or paper, are the main resource of this figurative painter.


What Lupo does, will be an impossible mix of Kirchner and Goya, or just a hallucinatory version of Chagall with arrangements by Francisco Ibáñez. Otherwise little can be said.

Let's give way to the words of the artist, sorry, painter:

I paint so as not to have to speak, and I don't want to speak because what I have to say is already in my paintings, what do you want? Talk about transcendence and metaphysics? For what and for whom? I paint scenes of life, not hieroglyphics.

My path in painting is a uniformly accelerated rectilinear movement towards social revolution, the rest are residues of the ego, of the illusion of being a signature considered by some connoisseurs and little else.


Lupo Sol, artistic name of Pedro Ramírez, was born in Barakaldo (Euskadi, Spain) in 1973.

He has drawn since he was a child, but he started his pictorial career seriously in 2014.

The main way to show your work is through the Internet and rarely participates in public exhibitions.

Currently he lives and works in a Mediterranean village.


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