Conditions for sale

- The characteristics and prices of the works can be seen by clicking on the image of the painting, in the lower area of the pop-up window. These prices indicate the total including shipping costs to any country.

- All works for sale are original and unique. No prints or copies of any kind are made. A certificate of authenticity signed by the author is attached with each work.

- No work is sold framed.

- The canvas are generally shipped stretched in a cardboard box. Only in some cases of larger size it is shipped rolled up in a tube. The works on paper are sent stretched between cardboard sheets.

- Payment can be made through Paypal or by bank transfer. Add your full address and phone number and it would be enough to make the deal.

- I ship to many countries in the world, but there are exceptions due to restrictions caused by Covid-19. If you don't live in Europe or the USA, it is better that you consult me previously. 

- All works of art are sent through Correos, the Spanish postal company, as registered letter or standard international parcel. This means that sending a package from Spain to any country outside of Europe can take up to a month. I don't use express delivery companies, because they would superlatively increase the sale prices of my paintings. 

 - Today, due to COVID-19, there can be delays of all kinds, from obtaining packaging material to withholdings on shipments from the postal company, so you have to trust me and the workers who are they earn a living, not enough to lose their health. I ask you, please, be considerate. Thank you. 

- It is highly recommended if you make a purchase, that you give me a contact phone number. They request it at the post office, and it is also always convenient in case the postman does not find you at home on the day of delivery. 

- The money is not returned before you receive the package with the painting, even if there are delays, beyond my control. You have seven days to return the part from the moment you received it, if you do not like it or you found it in poor condition. When it gets back to me I will refund your money. 

- Don't hesitate to ask me any questions you have. Thank you. 

l. sol