Lupo Sol is a painter. Paint from the moment he rises until the light no longer allows. He paints like the old painters, not by choice, but because he has no choice. It's his job. And he exercises it from sunrise to sunset. And sometimes, like the Lupo/wolf that is, even further, under the full moon. In his study, small and austere, an incessant production accumulates. The curtains, put just enough so that the sunlight allows to appreciate the color without burning the tones. On extreme occasions, with electric light, with the moon, but that, as he recalls, is not good for looking at oil.

Lupo Sol does not stop painting, and when he stops, as when he has to show us his work and explain it, he looks uneasy. He respects his office, and does not like the chatter, or the banal explanations. He is a painter and painter. There is always music on the radio. A music that could well be Boris Vian, and perhaps Lupo Sol is Boris Vian reincarnated. Less gulf, more worker.

Educated in illustration ("If I learned with Robert Crumb and comics"), he was first discovered by the Stuckista movement. Stuckism, which has no translation in Spanish, or has it difficult, arose as a reaction against contemporary art of diffuse meaning. He does not want to enter into these disquisitions, but around there he began to be known outside of our country. He has exhibited in London and New York, although only in Spain.

After years with the proximity of the illustration came Matisse, Cezanne, Chagall, the German Expressionists, color, form and great painting. That which is full of nuances and where beauty and ugliness discuss politics, customs, everyday life and its clash with the necessarily sublime. His painting is full of scenes that seem dreamlike, but they are realistic to the point of nausea, and they are costumbrist, but they seem sweetly dreamed. His palette is fine and every time there are more nuances in his light, from the clear outline of the forms to the twinkling of colors, which give a delicate and tender volume to his "improvisations", as he calls them, figurative recreations of scenes of love and fear, which is perhaps its favorite thematic terrain.

Jorge Burillo Ferrer

Lupo Sol, artistic name of Pedro Ramírez, was born in Barakaldo (Basque Country) in 1973.

He has drawn since he was a child, but he started his pictorial career seriously in 2014.

The main way to show your work is through the Internet and rarely participates in public exhibitions.

Currently he lives and works in a Mediterranean village.

Lupo pick

Collective exhibitions

  • Forest Hills Stuckist
    Archie Parker Cafe & Gallery, London. November 2019
  • CAThARTic
    Archie Parker Cafe & Gallery, London. January 2018
  • International Stuckism at Watkins Glen.
    Quintus Gallery, Watkins Glen (NY). November 2017
  • 50 National painting contest Vila de Sant Joan d'Alacant.
    Alicante (Spain). October 2017
  • The Stuckist at Cass Art Islington.
    London, April 2017
  • The Stuckist Art Show.
    View Two Gallery, Liverpool. July-August 2016
  • Esquelas Sonoras, the exhibition.
    Illustrations for the book by Dani Llabrés.
    Centro de Cultura de Gijón (Spain). August 2016.
  • Euro Ye Yé 2015
    Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto de Gijón (Spain).
    July-August 2015


  • La Peluquería, Alicante. October 2018
  • Yellow Life Scenes
    Broad Street Gallery, Hamilton (NY). December 2017
  • Centro Cultural 8 y Medio
    Alicante (Spain). 2016