Lupo is a figurative painter who paints scenes of life, memories, contradictions, twisted thoughts.

It may be Expressionism, Outsider Art or other terms that define his paintings or drawings, but he doesn’t care much. What is not lacking is surrealism, since this current, along with the dadaísmo, was its first great artistic influence.

He is self-taught. Since he was a kid he was passionate about reading comics and drawing characters, but he has always preferred to follow his path, without paying much attention to fashions and trends.

His first contact with the oil was at age ten, although the experience was not very gratifying, because he soon left the academy he attended, after painting a few models of landscapes. In those times his interest was the comic. Painting on canvas came later.

Lupo, whose real name is Pedro, (also Kepa for his friends) had dodges with music, fanzines and even surrealist poems ... until he finished in Madrid, working as a graphic designer and web layout designer.

After a decade of being a normal employee (who painted with pastel in some free time), he was able to resuscitate his pictorial vein and survive the dominant "normality", dedicating himself more than ever to painting.

Him fixation and clear influence have been the expressionist of the twentieth century, Kirchner especially, besides Marc Chagall, Edvard Munch, James Ensor ... to mention a few. The sarcastic touch reflected in many of his works or drawings comes from other old ways; Surely more related to Robert Crumb than with the illustrious avant-garde painters.

Lupo is identified with the group of Stuckists, movement that claims painting and the purest art. And here there can be no doubt; He is not interested in conceptual art, (if this is what he would call art in a fairer world), even abstract painting looks at it reluctantly, although he considers honorable exceptions.

Lupo paints things of life and images of his memories, which shows the light as if he rebelled the camera of his brain. If the scene is tragicomic it's for pure imitation of life.

Grotesque characters are his predilection. The human figure almost always deformed, is the habitual victim of him sarcasm, him shocking scenes and paradoxical situations.

For Lupo, art is love and rage, pleasure and shouting. And its objective is that all this is reflected, to record of that tragicomedy, that you see it, enjoy it or suffer it.

Collective exhibitions

  • The Stuckist at Cass Art Islington. London, April 2017
  • The Stuckist Art Show - View Two Gallery, Liverpool. 2016
  • Esquelas Sonoras, the exhibition. Illustrations for the book by Dani Llabrés. Centro de Cultura de Gijón, 2016.
  • Waslala Tetería, Alicante. 2016
  • Euro Ye Yé 2015, Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto de Gijón. 2015


  • Centro Cultural 8 y Medio, Alicante. 2016